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We give books to kids.


Bonnie’s Book Foundation supports children’s literacy by providing books directly to children who may not own books at home. We also support schools and other programs that serve at-risk children with grants for books and learning materials.


Donors can browse our wish list at Raleigh’s Quail Ridge Books and Music (and have books shipped straight to the store for free!), or our Amazon wish list and send books to us directly through Amazon.



BBF needs volunteers to organize book drives and assist with organizing inventory and delivering books. To inquire about opportunities, please contact us via email.

Explore our website to learn about Bonnie’s Book Foundation, find out how we’re helping put books into the hands of children in need, and how you can help.


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Books Change Lives

Children need access to books to learn and succeed academically and in life. It’s as simple as that. Many of us live our lives surrounded by books. And the children in our lives are read to and learn to love books as part of the natural rhythm of growing up.

Sadly, U.S. Department of Education Research shows that over 60% of children living in poverty own no books at home. None. Zero.

Lack of access to books puts these young children at a serious disadvantage as they enter elementary school, and most never catch up.

Conversely, book ownership at home and easy access to books in classrooms, libraries, and after school programs are simple, highly effective interventions that can change the course of children’s lives.

Together, we can help create generations of inspired, excited readers.

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